Tuesday, 24 April 2012

What is “Reformed”?

As used in our name, the term “Reformed” applies to the reform that swept across the European continent during the protestant Reformation. It can generally refer to those churches that sought to recover a biblical understanding of theology and later, as “protesters”, broke away from the Roman Catholic church in the 16th century. More specifically, the title refers to those churches following in the footsteps of Augustine and Calvin. The Reformers of the 16th century did not set out to invent new theology, but rather, desired to return to right theology. With this in mind, there are several key tenets that we, with other “Reformed” churches, embrace heartily:
Sola Scriptura: “By Scripture Alone”
The Bible is the only measure and ultimate authority for all matters of faith and life.
Solus Christus: “By Christ Alone”
Jesus Christ is the only mediator between God and man.
Sola Gratia: “By Grace Alone”
Grace is the only method of divine salvation – we cannot save ourselves. Sola Fide: “By Faith Alone”
Faith is the only means by which the righteousness of Christ is imputed. Soli Deo Gloria: “To God Alone be the Glory”
God’s glory is the chief end of man and the motivation for living.

As the redeemed of God, the focus of our worship is on God Himself – His Character, His Mighty Acts, His Will, His Salvation, His Grace. We sing a mixture of psalms and hymns that are able to communicate the great Truths of His Majesty.
The Preaching of the Word and the Sacraments are central to our worship. We celebrate the Lord’s Supper in the morning service on the second Sunday of each month, and in the evening service on the last Sunday of each month.
The order of our Worship can be described as “antiphonal,” that is, a back-and-forth pattern wherein God acts and we, His people, respond appropriately. The following provides a brief outline of this dialogical pattern:

God Calls us to Worship

  • We Hear His Greeting & Call
  • We Respond with Voices of Praise
  • We Affirm the Prayer of Invocation

God Reveals His Character & His Will

  • We Delight in God’s Law
  • We Confess our Sinfulness
  • We Receive God’s Assurance of Pardon

God Invites Us to Respond to His Grace

  • We Offer Him our Prayers of Intercession
  • We Offer Him our Gifts & His Tithe
  • We Offer Him our Praise in Song & Prayer

God Gives Us His Sure Word

  • We Prepare to Listen
  • We Open His Word
  • We Hear His Word Proclaimed
  • We Respond with Conviction

God Dismisses Us With His Blessing

  • We Hear God’s Word/Charge
  • We Receive God’s Benediction
  • We Declare God’s Glory

What do we believe?

We are committed to the proclamation of the gospel of God’s grace revealed and realized in Jesus Christ. We believe that salvation comes from the Lord alone and cannot be earned by sinful humans. Our full statement of belief can be found expressed in the confessions to which we subscribe: the Heidelberg Catechism, the Belgic Confession and the Canons of Dordt. It is with conviction that we teach these convictions! For a shorter summary of what we believe we provide the following affirmations:
We are convinced that the Bible is divinely inspired and inerrant, revealing the One Eternal Triune God who is Holy in all his ways, Creator and Sustainer of all things made, the completely Sovereign Lord of heaven and earth.
We believe man fell into sin, yet we rejoice in God’s gracious plan to save many through the person, work, death, burial and resurrection of His Son Jesus Christ. Accomplished by Christ, this salvation is applied through the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit.
We are certain that our Lord lives and reigns today and that a final judgment awaits all upon His glorious Return.
We proclaim the Good News of God’s Kingdom as realized in Jesus Christ. He is the King and the Lord whose rule extends over all of life-work, family, study, business, recreation, thoughts, emotions, etc. As His grateful servants we delight in submitting to His rule.
We stand by the central truths of the Reformation summarized in the five Latin phrases: sola scriptura (The Bible is the only measure and ultimate authority for all matters of faith and life); solus Christus (Jesus Christ is the only Mediator between God and man); sola gratia (Grace is the only method of divine salvation-we cannot save ourselves); sola fide (Faith is the only means by which the righteousness of Christ is imputed); soli Deo Gloria (God’s Glory is the chief end of and motivation for living).
We rest in God’s promises and His self-revelation as a God who makes and keeps Covenant to redeem a people for Himself. The initiative is completely His and the relationship is one of love and care. This covenant of grace began with Adam after the fall, finds fulfillment in the person of Jesus Christ and assures God’s people always that our Lord is eternally faithful.


Grace URC is a covenant community of Christians, gathering each Sunday to worship our Lord and Savior, ministering to the needs of the broader community around us, and living in the knowledge and joy of God’s wondrous mercy and grace. We invite you to find out more about us and what we believelisten to some of our sermons, or visit some other pages we think are helpful. Please feel free to talk to us if you have more questions or needs that we can address